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Why do I use Python?

The question is more for what then why. A Friend told me that Python is state of the art ( this was 2006 ) and a must have on your skill list. This was the time python got pushed because of its beauty in coding. No semicolon no curly brackets just a colon and a line indent - perfect.

I found out it is much more. Since raspberry fans know what I am talking about python became a major scripting language on market. Resourceintensive mathematical operations are programmed in python as project prototype and often lots of thos mathematic algorithm are not even ported to an other low-level language.

Python can do everything on every platform and any Os. 

Python Projects and Code Snippets

Document Management System

There are a lot of Document Management Systems and very good openSource Projects are existing. This is just a serverside script for pdf-qrcode reader.

Neoscrypt Python Wrapper

NeoScrypt is a descendant of the original Scrypt algorithm. Its main feature is the volume of accrual of awards. These code snippets describe the C-Wrapper for python module - installable via pip.

Electrum Sparks Lightweight Wallet

Electrum is a light-weight-wallet for crypto Currencies originally coded for Bitcoin but extended and changed by other AltCoins like SparksPay or Dash and many more.

D302 - RFID Reader [QtGui]

A Chinese RFID Reader for EM4305, 6608,5200, T5577 Cards. There have been only Windows supported chinese Software. Here we go with a python serial Qt Interface. PyInstaller serves the multiplatform builds.