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Linux and its shell

1997 I bought my first Linux - yes I bought it. A magazine offered S.u.S.E Linux and pronounced the new implementation of USB. 4 CDs printed with a very nice green GECKO changed my way of thinking. I told my teacher the the future is in OpenSource - he was laughing.

My Teacher couldn't believe that any market economy driven economist would code under GPL. How could this person earn money to feed the family. In my opinion Linus Torvald created the first blockchain as decentralized masternode system. Information spread all over the world - reviewed and discussed by people - implemented into community ecosystem.

And at the beginning there was the kernel and its shell. I don't want to start a flame ware about Linux and Windows but I can show you some facts why powershell "was" ages to late. There are many shells under Linux just to name some:

  • bash ( Bourne-again Shell )
  • sh ( Bourne-Shell )
  • tcsh ( tee-see-shell )
  • c-shell ( improved version of tcsh )
  • kornshell ( based on Bourne shell source )
  • z shell ( extended Bourne shell )
  • ...

Sh ( Bourne-Shell ) is the base and its instruction set grew up to bash. If you know how to script sh you can do bash. If you have skills in "batch" scripting you have only base knowledge of "powershell" - so in my opinion start with "bash" on Linux and "powershell" on Windows and you can do everything you want with your operating system.


Bash Scripts Code Snippets