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M0r4k wants to offer you perspectives. Views on problems we would not have without the digital world we are living in.


Living on giving.
OpenView - OpenSource - OpenMind
from z3r0 to h3r0


Read between the lines.
Beautified code is not solving algorithms.
Rapid prototyping as solution finder.

Deliver assistance

OpenSource is not just a ToolSet of free Software consumed and used under the Gnu Public License (GBL). Embedded devices, watches, cellphones, computers equiped with Linux or BSD show the power of the openMind. Since erly 90's the Unix derivates do show their power and develped from z3r0 to h3r0. The enemy Nr. 1 of Microsoft changed to a close friend as Windows Substystem for Linux. Thousands of individualized Linux Distributions propose their usability effords to their comunity. Developers can't live without the openSource Development IDEAs anymore. Unix often can't present Solutions but always can deliver assistance.


The water GNU is drinking ...

... comes from community. SourceCode, ideas and thoughts [ in here ] are free to use but they are still mine. As Linux enthusiast you need to share - this philosophy gave me the opportunity to learn from others. Would this have been possible without someone who shares? Sometimes it's hard to communicate in bigger groups of individuals but ideas are a mandatory element of success even if they are spoken out loud.

As former member of a big company my point of view is strict!
- Synergies and cooperation between companies raise their success. -

Money makes the world go 'round

CryptoCoins do not accept borders ...

As community meberer and crypto-volunteer I do my best to understand the philosophy of borderless sharing. What bank institutes do since many years in unsafe and unreliable way is done better by SATOSHI. Sharing your digital currencies over decentralized nodes becomes future.

Somebody said once
- ether[eum] is the fuel for the future - 

What do I think? Technology is everything and the BlockChain is made for us to make temper-proof software products. Billing, accounting or concert ticket selling systems - programmed on top of a chain is just a small part of what will become essential for us soon.